Innopolis Open Rules

Contestants will require internet access to submit their solutions to the contest system and receive feedback for their submissions.
The allowed languages are:

  • C
  • C++
  • Java
  • Pascal
  • Python
  • C#
  • Kotlin

Solution testing process

The solutions are tested during the contest. Participants send their solutions to the jury using special submission system. The jury compiles the program using the compilers command line commands, and checks them. Participants must place all the compiler directives in the solution files. Contest problems assume that the input data needs to be read from the standard input stream, and the output must be output to the standard output stream. The program should not work with files.

The solution is accepted for evaluation if it successfully passes the tests given in the statement. Then the solution is tested on the pre-prepared set of tests. After the testing finishes the participant can obtain information about the results of checking. The information that is given for each task or subtask is describe in the statement of each problem.

The time and memory available for the solutions per test are limited. Solution that exceed the established limit are considered ineffective for this problem. In this case, the test is considered failed. The jury specifies the time limits for running the program on one test and the amount of available memory in the problem statements.

The solution has to be deterministic: it has to output the same answers no matter what environment and the moment in time the solution was run. The jury has the right to run your program arbitrary number of times and choose the worst result for each testcase.

The jury reserves the right to impose a limit on the number of submissions made by the participant. All the information on the restrictions for submitting solutions are going to be described on the "General Information" page of the problem statements file of the corresponding round of the Olympiad.

The file size with the source code of the program should not exceed 256 KB. The compilation time of the program should not exceed one minute. In case of violation of these restrictions, the participant's solution is considered incorrect and no points are awarded for this problem to the participant.


When compiling the text of the program that the participant sends for verification, the jury uses certain command lines to compile solutions:

Compiler Command line
GNU C++14 6.4 (MinGW) g++ -O2 -х с++ -D__USE_MINGW_ANSI_STDIO=0 -Wl,--stack=268435456 --std=c++14
GNU С 6.4 (MinGW) gcc -O2 -х с -Wl,--stack=67108864
Visual C++ 2017 cl /F67108864 /O2 /EHs /TP
Visual C# 2017 csc /optimize
Java 1.8 javac <source file>
Kotlin 1.2 kotlinc -include-runtime
Borland Delphi 7.0 dcc32 -сс <source file>
Free Pascal 3 fpc <source file>
Free Pascal 3 Linux fpc -XS -O2 <source file>
Pascal ABC.Net 3.3 pabcnetcc <source file>
Python 3.6 python <source file>